Villa Construction is equipped to assist in all phases of construction.  We specialize in house design build projects which allow our clients to add the most value to their endeavors.  Villa Construction will be responsible for managing all aspects of your project, including hiring and supervising subcontractors, getting building permits, ordering supplies, and scheduling inspections. We oversee all the subcontractors to ensure that the job is done efficiently and to your satisfaction. We will act as your main contact throughout every project, and should be able to both explain any step of the work you need to know about as well as communicate your specific ideas for the project to the appropriate service provider.  It is our upmost priority to provide superior product at the highest value to our clients.  Though exceptional organizational skills, outstanding communication, and strong relationships throughout the industry, we are able to bring all of our clients visions to life.  


A local contractor with strong integrity and a keen sense of business that gives clients piece of mind.

We are a local contractor in the Las Vegas and Henderson Valley. We are our clients advocate throughout all stages of construction ensuring that we always sit on the same side of the table as our clients, ensuring that we are a valuable member to their team. We have an Open Book Policy that creates accountability and clear communication to help prevent surprises. During the estimating stages of our projects, we provide subcontractors that offer our clients high quality work at competitive prices ensuring that we produce exceptional projects on time and within budget.


The foundation of every project begins during the pre-construction phase, and through in-depth planing and design we succeed.

Diligent planning design and coordination minimizes our client’s risk and ensures that we can recommend creative solutions even before a project begins. We collaborate with our clients’ to ensure that we understand and meet their needs, while still staying within budget. Our pre-construction expertise, often has us work directly with the architect and the client. This teamwork gives our clients control of up-front decisions that enhance quality, streamline schedules, and ensure that our projects stay within budget, while maintaining the vision of the project.


We understand that construction can be complex and presents distinct obstacles.

Project design is paramount to a unique, creative, and distinctive space. Proper communication and teamwork is essential to having a successful project. We not only provide our own design team of architects and designers, but we also work directly with our clients and the professionals they bring in to complete projects that foster teamwork and provide strict schedules and budget controls to achieve the client’s goals. By coordinating between schedules, making sure all proper cleanup is done after each day, and foreseeing and rectifying any potential problems we make the process as smooth as possible for our clients. We coordinate and supervise all construction activities and skillfully guide our clients through the process at which we excel again ensuring that our projects are completed on time and within budget.



Our clients satisfaction is our top priority. We deliver superior services of exceptional value. To ensure this we use licensed trades that warrantee their work. Through positive relationships with the client and our trades we excel in satisfying all our clients needs before and after each project is completed.